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Interested in how the Dip Dip Hooray Fundraising Program works? Check out a few of our frequently asked questions. If you still have questions needing answered, send us a note via the contact us form below.

Common Questions

What makes the Dip Dip Hooray Fundraising program stand out?

You have the ability to sell online nationwide as well as locally with traditional order forms. We take care of shipping and crediting your fundraiser. All you need to do is share your unique link via email, social media, your website or even text.

What brand of products do you carry and can they be purchased elsewhere after the fundraiser?

Dip Dip Hooray Fundraising offers the Simply Savory brand of dips, shake & bakes, rubs and dessert mixes. You can find them after the fundraiser at various Farmer’s Markets and Festivals throughout Florida, as well as our store ‘Coming Home’ on the second floor of the Seminole Town Center in Sanford, FL . You can also shop our complete collection of over 90 dips and seasonings at

What is the shelf-life of your dips?

The dip mixes have a shelf life of one year. They do not spoil after a year but may lose their potency. .

Do you carry Gluten Free products?

Yes! Many of our dips are gluten free. If they’re gluten free, you’ll find a note in the description below the product..

Do you Carry Sugar Free Desserts?

Yes. You can find them in their own section on the Dessert page.

How long will it take to receive my order once I submit my final brochure totals order?

The delivery date is dependent on a few things.

    1. How soon you can submit your final numbers. (Use our Final Order form when logged into your account for quickest turnaround!)
    2. We require payment before shipping, so how soon we receive payment on your balance due (see how this works in the “Final Orders” section below).
    3. What day of the week the order is received on. The order will most likely ship via UPS Ground and they do not pick up on the weekend.

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I didn’t receive an email confirming that my registration was submitted.

Confirmation emails can take up to 20 minutes to be sent and received. Be sure to check your spam folder or promotions tab (in Google Mail). After 20 minutes, you are welcome to call us to confirm receipt of your submission, as well as to check that your email address was entered correctly. We’ll update it if it was entered incorrectly.

I need a quicker than 5-day turn-around on registration review.

Please call us (before or following your registration submission) to discuss your fundraising dates, the urgency, and what can be expected. If no one answers, please leave a message. You can also send an email to to expedite a response. Please be sure to include the name of your organization, your name, phone number, email address, and details about your request in your messages. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Does our organization need to be based in the United States?

Yes. Your organization must be US based and we can only take online orders from US addresses and ship to US addresses.

Can I list a co-coordinator for the fundraiser?

Yes. Though you can only list your fundraiser under a single email address, you can list a second contact person during registration. This is helpful if another person needs to contact us for any reason on behalf of the organization.

Can I change the fundraising end-date after registration?

Yes. If you’d like to extend your fundraiser, you’ll need to notify us of the change so we can extend the active date of your unique link.

How do I register another fundraiser with Dip Dip Hooray next year?

You can log into your account from the previous year and complete the Reactivation Form on the ‘Reactivate a Fundraiser’ page. Once we receive your new dates and other info, we can reactivate your unique link from last year.

If you’re representing a new group, you’ll need to use a different email address. Or, we’ll need to delete the old account so you can use your email address for your new registration.

If you need to change your username, which is also used in the link, you’ll need to start from scratch and register a new fundraiser, as we cannot change usernames.

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How do friends, family and other supporters place orders that benefit our fundraiser?

Once approved, you’ll be immediately provided with a unique link (URL) that will send supporters to your specific fundraising “store”. Your organization name and fundraising dates will appear on the page throughout the order process. Any purchases made via your link will be credited to your fundraiser. You can also use order forms for traditional face-to-face fundraising sales.

What should I do with our ‘unique link’?

Your unique link, or web address URL, links to your fundraising store. You should share this URL in emails, on your website, and on social media so that those that are too far away to receive local delivery or pick-up from your group can place an order online and have it shipped to them directly. This means that if you’re in Indiana, family and friends in California can support your fundraiser by ordering dips online via the unique link.

When can I start promoting my fundraising store / the unique link?

Immediately following registration approval. Any purchases made via your unique link will begin crediting your account immediately and continue through the “end-date” specified during the registration process.

Are there shipping fees?

Yes. Your supporters will pay real-time rates calculated by weight and distance per order, unless they choose the local delivery option where the order is distributed by your organization.

You will not pay shipping costs when you place the final order for your fundraiser (total form orders). These are shipped to a single location for free. If local or passing through, you are also welcome to arrange a pick-up.

Can supporters outside of the US order online?

No. We can only sell and ship within the United States.

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How much do we earn for each dip sold?

You’ll earn $2.50 per packet for ONLINE orders from your supporters.  Online sale are more costly for us due to shipping supplies, credit card fees, and labor.

You’ll pay $2.75 per packet when you submit your seller’s brochure orders.  Our recommended brochure pricing is $6.00.  At that rate you earn $3.25 per packet.”

*If you sell less than 50 packets, your cost is $4/packet, earning you $2/packet.

How do I know how I’m doing?

When you log into your account, you’re directed to your dashboard where you can see your ongoing earnings. 

Can I track orders by seller?

In the check out, we require buyers to indicate the Fundraiser name and Seller name, and ask for additional Seller details like grade, room number, etc. if known. At the end of your fundraiser, we can deliver you a spreadsheet with this information along with the number of dips and earnings from each sale so that you can figure out how much each seller earned.

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Marketing / Resources

Can I receive Fundraising Order Forms for face-to-face order taking?

We can send you a document to print out for face-to-face orders.

Do you have samples?

Call us to discuss your interest in selling our dips or if you have an event where you will be promoting your fundraiser.

Do you have marketing banner ads I can use to promote the fundraiser?

Yes. We have many different sized ads that can be embedded on your website, uploaded to social media, and used in emails. Directions on how to use these are available in the Help & FAQs section of the site when logged in.

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Final Orders / Earnings Payout

What is a final order?

A final order is the total number of each dip sold by your members via face-to-face (local) order form sales.

When do I place a final order?

When your fundraiser end date has come to pass, you can place an order for the total number of dips sold with your face-to-face order forms.

How do I place a final order?

Once you have tallied your totals, you can use our “Final Order” page to place your order, entering totals for each dip to be sent to you for distribution. You’ll pay $2.75/packet and submit your order to us without payment. We’ll apply your online earnings to the total due. Depending if your final order+shipping total is more or less than your online sales earnings, we may send you an invoice for the amount due, or cut you a check for your remaining earnings. See the next two questions for further explanation.

My final order total is LESS than what I earned online.

If you make more from online sales than your final order total, we’ll subtract your final order total from your online sales total and send you a check for the difference. Your final order will be packaged and shipped with no further action needed.

My final order total is MORE than what I earned online.

If your final order total is more than what you earned online, we’ll subtract your online order total earnings from the final order total and send you an invoice for the total amount due. You can pay this online via Credit Card or send us a check. Once payment is cleared, we’ll ship out your final order.

What if I don’t have a final order?

If you held your fundraiser online only (no face-to-face sales), you can contact us when your fundraising end-date has come to pass and we’ll send you a check for your earnings from online sales.

How do I receive a payout for my fundraiser’s earnings?

After your fundraising end date and following your final order (if you have one), we’ll send remaining earnings to you via a check made out to your fundraising organization’s name.

How long will it take to receive my order once I submit my final brochure totals order?

The delivery date is dependent on a few things.

    1. How soon you can submit your final numbers. (Use our Final Order form when logged into your account for quickest turnaround!)
    2. We require payment before shipping, so how soon we receive payment on your balance due.
    3. What day of the week the order is received on. The order will most likely ship via UPS Ground and they do not pick up on the weekend.

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Log In Issues

The Fundraising Coordinator is leaving/has left. How do I transfer the account?

It’s best if the owner of the fundraising account logs in and transfers the account by changing the name, email, phone number, password (if possible) and any other information that may need updated to point to the new coordinator.

If that isn’t possible, but someone from the organization has access to the person’s email, you can reset the password and the person with access can log in to make changes.

If it’s a new fundraiser that hasn’t yet begun, you can register with your new credentials, which will give you a new link to use.

If your mid-fundraiser, call us. For security reasons, we’ll need to confirm the change before transferring the account which could take a few days. In the meantime, your fundraiser will continue to earn from online sales.

I’m having trouble logging in.

If you are a fundraising coordinator, go to the login page and click the “forgot password” link to reset your password. If you still can’t log in, contact us.

Supporter accounts are not maintained on the fundraising site. If you need a receipt, please call us and we can try to locate one for you.

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Have Questions?

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